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Avocados – OH…how I love thee!!

If you don’t LOVE this amazing little fruit, man you need to start. Maybe you thought you needed to stay far away from the fatty little guy and you have considered it an indulgence. Well, only one of these things is true…you should think of it as an indulgence that you SHOULD include into your EVERY day nutrition. It’s like you get to cheat, on purpose and how amazing will it be when you start losing weight from this little addiction.

Let’s talk...


Why Go No Contract Instead of a Gym Membership

There are countless articles and studies that talk about how important regular fitness is to your overall wellbeing. It can often help you sleep better, feel happier (think Elle Woods and her stance on endorphins), lose weight, and can even help with other health issues! So, of course, the only thing stopping you is finding the right exercise plan for your taste and needs. Whether you’re planning a brand new workout regimen or you’ve been on a strict fitness rota for years, you’ve probably...


We made the list!

A solid list of local talent! Thrilled to be part of it!!! Yoga really can transform a body, mind and soul.


Plantar Fasciitis and Other Fitness Class Aches

Now that we’re a few months into the new year, it’s safe to say you’re upholding your resolution to get healthy if you’re still attending fitness classes regularly. Great job! Sticking to a new fitness routine can be tough, especially in the first few months. According to a scientific study, it takes an average of 66 days to have a new behavior form into habit. For those of you who started attending fitness classes at Reve by Miramont in early January, you’ve passed the 66 day mark...

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