“What a great workout! This class is great for all fitness levels – the fun, competitive atmosphere keeps me motivated and everyone in class is supportive”


“Nicki is amazing! She is one of my favorite coaches and even though she pushes me to the max, I always have fun in her [barre] class!”


“I can’t get enough of REVE! I was getting tired of my usual fitness routine…now every day is something new. This is exactly what I needed!”


“I can get a good workout on my own, but I can get a GREAT workout at REVE!”


“Looking for a killer total body workout? Get over to REVE Fitness by Miramont for the Shockwave class and be prepared to get your burn on! Remember sore today, strong tomorrow! #sweatlife”
– lululemon athletica Fort Collins


“First barre class tonight! Fun, challenging, and thoroughly enjoyable… I am soooo not a ballerina, but I had a great time and want to try more!”
– Dani


“Just took my first ever Shockwave with Kelly and it was awesome!!! I loved it, you’ve got to try it out. You won’t be disappointed, I promise.”
– Gretchin


“Obsessed with this place!!!!! Such a fun group of trainers and fitness buddies”
– Saunders