REVE fitness is the new boutique fitness studio by Miramont Lifestyle Fitness. Our facility in Jessup Farm houses four studios for yoga, hot yoga, spinning, and barre workouts, as well as and a variety of boot camp style fitness programs. Small classes, personalized training, and the wide variety of fitness classes make REVE fitness the destination for everyone from beginner to advanced fitness levels.

How is Reve FITNESS Unique?

REVE fitness is the only multi-discipline boutique studio in Northern Colorado. Along with our spin, barre, and yoga classes, REVE fitness provides the unique Shock Wave class. This is a rower-based circuit training class. Our spinning bikes offer easy to read the power meters which show energy output, rpm, and mileage so you can better track your workout.

Participants have a variety of classes to choose from each day and week. We also have MyZone heart rate monitors with screens to track training progress. We will send an email of your workout results after each workout.

Do I need a membership to take a class?

There are no memberships or enrollment fees at REVE. Class packages can be purchased in single classes or, five, ten, and unlimited packages.

Are there locker rooms?

Yes. Both men’s and women’s locker rooms feature showers, lockers, and other amenities. Bring your own towel or rent one if you forget.

Do I need a mat for Yoga classes?

Yes, bring your own mat. If you forget yours, we have mats available for rent.

How do I prepare for a Spinning Class?

Before you attend a spin class, eat a light snack and drink water. Wear a t-shirt or tank with form fitting shorts or pants and tennis shoes. Cycling shorts and shoes offer additional comfort and riding efficiency, but are not required. We recommend coming 10-15 minutes early for bike set up.

How do I sign up for a class?

Go to http://revefitness.com/classes/schedule/. Create an account and select a package. Review the workout class schedule and sign up in a class slot. Please call or stop by with questions.

I am a member at Miramont Lifestyle Fitness. Is Reve part of my membership?

Miramont members receive a discount on fitness classes they attend at REVE fitness. Come by today to enjoy our a small group training and yoga studio, which provide additional value to the large fitness center experience.