Weight Loss

Avoid Holiday Weight Gain: Exercise Needed to Burn Off Favorite Holiday Treats

First comes fall, then comes winter, then comes holiday weight gain? While this makes for a terrible children’s rhyme, statistics show that the average American gains weight during this festive time of year. Even worse, studies show that those extra pounds put on between Halloween and Christmas can take some more than five months to lose – yikes!

So, what’s to blame? Between the trendworthy PSL from Starbucks to the fun size candy that isn’t very fun on your waistline, high caloric...


Transformation in 12 Weeks – Meet Dawn and Diane

At the start of the summer, 10 people took a leap with us as we launched a life-changing opportunity: the 12-Week Transformation Program. Inspired by the flux of fad diets and their inevitable let-down for long-term success, we sought to create a program to help people struggling with their weight transform not only their bodies, but also their minds for long-term success.

We partnered with two former contestants on ABC’s show Extreme Weight Loss, Bob Brenner and Bruce Pitcher, who know...


4 Tips to Mindful Wedding Weight Loss

It’s officially wedding season and whether you’re a bride or groom-to-be looking to slim down for the big day or a guest who wants to look good in photos (even the not-so-flattering candid ones), weight loss is probably on your mind. Unfortunately, many people – brides especially – set unrealistic weight loss goals for the event leading them to make poor health choices and take extreme measures to reach a number on the scale.

Planning a wedding is stressful enough – don’t add possible...