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Fitting Workouts Around Work

Some days, it can feel like your day is planned all the way down to the very minute you get to go to bed. If you’re already eating at your desk to get things done early enough that you can make it to your daughter’s ballet lesson or your son’s baseball practice, it can be even more difficult to make time for yourself. No matter how much running around you do all day, that’s rarely enough to substitute for a good workout and, particularly when you work at a desk all day, regular workouts...


Dark Chocolate: Friend or Foe

I want to introduce you to someone…meet my friend... DARK chocolate.  

He keeps to himself at times, doesn’t always mix well in crowds and is silent in a world of overly obnoxious imposters.  The “big business” of chocolatier has released some sad forms of chocolate where sugar rules and the amount of actual chocolate is laughable. When you say, not all _______ (fill in the blank) is alike, this couldn’t be more true for dark chocolate or really chocolate in general.  You have heard...


Should You Go To A Gym Near You When Your Muscles Ache?

If you’ve recently undertaken a new workout routine at your local gym in Fort Collins, go you! You’re making strides towards a healthier, fitter you and that is a wonderful thing. Unfortunately, getting fit isn’t as easy as taking a pill for instant muscle building or sitting in a steam box to simply sweat off the pounds. With any new workout, there will be adjustments and potential growing pains, even if you’ve done the same workout plan in the past. This happens because each different...