Gym Membership Fort Collins

Why Go No Contract Instead of a Gym Membership

There are countless articles and studies that talk about how important regular fitness is to your overall wellbeing. It can often help you sleep better, feel happier (think Elle Woods and her stance on endorphins), lose weight, and can even help with other health issues! So, of course, the only thing stopping you is finding the right exercise plan for your taste and needs. Whether you’re planning a brand new workout regimen or you’ve been on a strict fitness rota for years, you’ve probably...


Are Gym Memberships Worth It?

For a while, gyms requiring membership fees were so prevalent they felt like the only option. If you wanted to get healthy, tone, lose weight, bulk up, or just get out of the house for a while, you signed a contract and paid a flat fee once a month. It didn’t matter how often you attended classes or used the gym’s equipment; even if you only attended once a month, you still had to pay that big chunk.

Now, boutique gyms and studios are popping up and changing the gym membership system. So,...