Fitness Tips

Avoid Holiday Weight Gain: Exercise Needed to Burn Off Favorite Holiday Treats

First comes fall, then comes winter, then comes holiday weight gain? While this makes for a terrible children’s rhyme, statistics show that the average American gains weight during this festive time of year. Even worse, studies show that those extra pounds put on between Halloween and Christmas can take some more than five months to lose – yikes!

So, what’s to blame? Between the trendworthy PSL from Starbucks to the fun size candy that isn’t very fun on your waistline, high caloric...


Dog Walks and the Playground – Is it a Workout?

Looking to add extra activity in your daily routine in addition to your workout at REVE? There are easy changes you can make to everyday activities to pump up the calorie burn and increase your heart rate – all you need is a creative mind, the willingness to work, and the great outdoors!

Two of the most common ways trainer Michelle Stout hears her clients mention when they talk about working out from home is walking their dog or playing with the kids at the park. While these activities are...


Why High Intensity?

High Intensity, High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), fat burning zone. These have been buzzwords for the past couple years and have been a growing trend in fitness. The goal is simple: burn fat and do it as quickly as possible. This is achieved through the process of creating new muscle fibers while utilizing fat stores as an energy source. In the past, this has been accomplished through long, low-intensity cardio sessions.

The body can utilize fat and carbohydrates as fuel. Carbohydrates...


Spinning with Power: What do those Number Mean?


Something is different about the spinning bikes at Reve. The bikes themselves are very similar to other Spinner bikes at other Miramont locations, but these have computers that display the time, distance and cadence A power meter also captures the current power along with kilocalories.

Let’s talk first about what those numbers mean:

Time: How long have you been spinning for
Distance: If the stand was detached, how far you would have travelled on the road
Cadence: the...