12 Week Transformation Testimonials

The Transformation program gave me the tools and support to finally reach my fitness goals. Unlike traditional weight loss plans, this program is sustainable, and I believe following it will keep me fit for life. 



The Transformation program has truly been transforming. Sincerely, this is the first time in 25 years that I have felt this healthy, fit and in control of my food choices. The mix of exercise, positive support and high protein real food meals works!



Transformation for life is the program I have been searching for and I’m so happy I participated in it. I’ve always been fairly consistent with my workouts; however wasn’t achieving the desired results until I added focus on my diet which this program teaches. The support and motivation that Bob offers, along with the weekly weigh ins and team accountability helped me lose the 20 pounds I’ve been holding onto unhappily for years. I found myself again and continue to follow the program. I highly recommend it! It’s a life changer.



I’m so glad I joined this program a few months ago so I don’t have to do this journey alone. They gave me the tools that I have been missing for so many years. Transforming takes concerted effort and practice. As Bob says, “Choose your hard.” And as Bruce says, “Choose your attitude.” Love these guys and the friends I’ve made with fellow Transformers.



This program has absolutely transformed how I look at food, exercise, and my journey to health! It has changed our lives. Thanks Bob for putting together such a great program!